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hi. i'm drew forbes, an american media composer who loves to break the rules with music. whether I'm routing a synth through a water tank, using falling rocks as a rhythmic bed, or resampling scraped glass resin... it's all for story.

Erasing The Past

and so much more...


film music

  • Lost In Time - Innervation Brothers - 2023

  • Avocado Toast - Good Coyote Films - 2021

  • Coming Home - High Tower Films - 2021

  • Quiet On Set - New Ogden Cinema - 2020

  • Aphelion - K.W. Jones - 2020

  • Previous - LGM Films - 2019

  • Motherland Departed - LGM Films - 2018

  • Parallel (Film Festival Short) - Dart On The Wall - 2013

fusing the subtext of character symbolism together with the tone of the world they inhabit is often my starting point of inspiration.


as a lover of electronic music, I take pride in exploring the wild world of synthesis, hybridizing my passion for synesthetic colorful sound design with thematic musical expression. i believe that music starts as fragments in the mind, wanting to be arranged into song. and that often requires unique approaches; the mixing and matching of unalike elements.


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